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Fine Press Books in Special Collections

A guide to fine press books available in Special Collections and University Archives.

Grolier Club

The Grolier Club was founded in in 1884 by Robert Hoe, and eight other members, in New York City. It began as a club and research library for bibliophiles, with the goal of promoting the book arts and typography in the United States. The club publishes fine limited editions for subscription and books about the history of books and printing. 

Vale Press

The Vale Press was founded in 1896 by  Charles Ricketts.  Charles McCall was Ricketts friend and collaborator at the press. The press was located in Chelsea, London. Oscar Wilde was a fan of the Vale Press and several of his works were printed by the press. It closed in 1904.

Essex House Press

Essex House Press was founded in 1898 by Charles Robert Ashbee in the East End of London. The press officially closed in 1907 but ran until 1910.  Thomas Binning, the Kelmscott Press compositor worked for Essex House Press, as well as illustrators Laurence Housman and William Strang.

Village Press

Village Press was founded in 1903 by  Frederic and Bertha Goudy in  Park Ridge, Illinois. In 1904 they moved to Hingham, Massachusetts. Later the same year the press was moved to New York City. In 1908 a fire caused the Village press to close down, it would reopen after the end of World War I. The press permanently closed in 1939. Important people associated with the press include  W.A. Dwiggins, who was an illustrator for the press, and Emery Walker.

Spiral Press

The Spiral Press was founded in 1926 by Joseph Blumenthal in New York City. The press designed and printed books by Robert Frost, W. H. Auden, Pablo Neruda, William Carlos Williams, Robinson Jeffers, as well as for institutions such as Metropolitan Museum of Art, Morgan Library, and CBS Television Network. Blumenthal also designed the Spiral typeface, which was named after the press. The press closed in 1971.

Limited Editions Club

Limited Editions Club was founded in 1929 by George Macy in New York City. Books were sold to the club's subscribers. Most of the books were illustrated with original artwork by leading book illustrators and in most cases the illustrators signed each copy of the books that they illustrated. After George Macy's death in 1956 his wife, Helen, took over until 1968. From 1968 until 1970, the club was operated by their son, Jonathan Macy. In 1970, the Limited Editions Club was sold to Boise Cascade Corporation.

The Lion and Unicorn Press

The Lion and Unicorn Press was founded in 1949 by the  Royal College of Art in London, England. The press closed in 1975.

Bird and Bull Press

The Bird and Bull Press was founded in 1958 by  Henry Morris in  Newtown, Pennsylvania. The press closed in 2013. 

Black Sparrow Press

The Black Sparrow Press was founded in 1966 by husband and wife, John and Barbara Martin in Los Angeles, California. The press closed in 2002. In 2020 the press was revived by Godine publishing house.

Albondocani Press

The Albondocani Press was founded in 1968 by George Bixby in New York City. The press was active through to the mid-nineties, and then later revived in the early 2000's. Many illustrations for the press were done by Edward Gorey. Authors whose works were printed by the press include Joyce Carol Oates, Gertrude Stein, Marrianne Moore, artist Saul Bellow, E.M. Forster, Ellen Gilchrist and Thom Gunn. 

Sceptre Press

The Sceptre Press was founded in 1969 by Martin Booth in Frensham, Surrey, England. It later moved to Rushden, Northamptonshire and then to Knotting, Bedfordshire, where it was located for most of its existence. The press published modern poetry of the 70s in limited edition booklets and broadsides. The press ended in 1981, but the rights to its name were bought by Nora Aldridge in 1984. 

Pennyroyal Press

The Pennyroyal Press was founded in 1970 by  Barry Moser in  Northampton, Massachusetts. Moser was a  student of Leonard Baskin. 

David R. Godine, Inc.

David R. Godine Publisher was founded in 1970 by David Godine in Brookline, Massachusetts. After a move, it currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Additional Presses

Additional Fine and Private Presses in our collection include:

  • The Alcestis Press
  • The Alicat Bookshop Press
  • Aloe Editions
  • The Alternative Press
  • Angel Hair Books
  • Angelica Press
  • Apiary Press
  • Archway Press 
  • Banyan Press
  • Beaumont Press
  • Bits Press
  • Book People
  • Bouwerie Editions
  • Calder & Boyars
  • The Casanova Press
  • Coach House Press
  • The Crepusular Press
  • The Cummington Press
  • Curwen Press
  • Divers Press
  • Dolmen Press
  • Eakins Press
  • Eighth Street Bookshop
  • Elizabeth Press
  • Enitharmon Press
  • Frank Hallman
  • Garamond Press
  • Golden Eagle Press
  • Golden Goose Press 
  • Golden Head Press
  • Golden Hind Press
  • Halty Ferguson
  • Harrison of Paris
  • The Halcyon Press
  • The Harvest Press
  • Hawk Press
  • Heritage Printers 
  • Hogarth Press
  • Ibex Press
  • Janus Press
  • Jargon 
  • John Roberts Press
  • Judd and Detweiler, Inc. 
  • The Little Man Press
  • Logan Elm Press
  • Lord John Press
  • The Mélissa Press
  • The Merrion Press 
  • The Metacom Press
  • Migrant Books
  • Monroe Wheeler 
  • New Directions 
  • New Dresden Press
  • Nine Elms Press 
  • Occasional Works
  • The Oliphant Press
  • Oriole Press
  • Overbook Press
  • Palaemon Press Limited
  • The Peacocks Press
  • Penmaen Press
  • Pendulum Press
  • The Perishable Press Limited
  • Peter Pauper Press
  • The Philobiblon Club
  • The Phoenix Book Shop
  • Plantin Press
  • Poet & Printer 
  • Poets Press
  • Porpoise Bookshop
  • Prarie Press
  • The Press of the Good Mountain
  • Profile Press
  • Prometheus Press
  • Pym-Randall Press
  • The Qara Press
  • Rampant Lion Press
  • Red Ozier Press
  • Sans Souci Press
  • Charles Seluzicki 
  • Shepherd's Press 
  • Skelton Press
  • Stinehour Press
  • The Stone Wall Press
  • Three Mountain Press
  • Toothpaste Press
  • Unicorn Press
  • Weekend Press
  • William B Ewert
  • W. E. Rudge
  • Wine Press
  • Windhover Press
  • Woolmer/Brotherson 
  • Yellow Barn Press
  • Zumbro River Press