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Fine Press Books in Special Collections

A guide to fine press books available in Special Collections and University Archives.

About Artists' Books

Artists Books are unique creations that question what we think of as a book, their nature and appearance can be different from what can typically be found on a book shelve. The book as an art object is a product of the 20th century.

Due to their unique nature, it is difficult to search the catalog for Artist's Books. If you would like to look for more Artists' Books within the collection contact us.

Abstract Orange Press

Abstract Orange Press was founded in 2013 by Lauren Emeritz in the DC area. Emeritz uses a Vandercook press and wood type, including type she designs and carves herself to create her books. The press currently resides in Hyattsville, Maryland. 

Werner Pfeiffer

Werner Pfeiffer is an American post-war and contemporary artist. He was born in 1937 in Germany, and in 1961 he emigrated to the United States. In the late 1960s he started to concentrate exclusively on his own work as sculptor, printmaker and painter. 

Additional Artists' Books

Additional Artists' Books that can be found in Special Collections include: