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Public Health

Guide to selected resources in Public Health.

Google Scholar Settings

Google Scholar:

1. Go to

2. Go to Settings (top right)

3. Click on Library Links (left menu)

4. Type in College Park

5. Check the box for University of Maryland – Find It @ UMD

Search Tips & Tricks

Use operators to refine your search terms.

  1. " - " (minus sign) - To exclude a term or a phrase. - obesity -children
  2. "......" (phrase search) - To return results that include this exact phrase - "academic performance" 
  3. OR - To return results that include either of your search terms. Use for combining synonyms and related terms. - obese OR overweight
    • Note: The pipe (|) can also be used in place of "OR" -  obese|overweight
  4. AND - To return results that include all of your terms. It doesn't make a difference for regular searches, as Google defaults to "AND" anyway. But it's useful when paired with other operators (for example for a comprehensive search in systematic review research) --
    • (obesity OR obese OR overweight -adults) AND ("academic achievement" OR "academic performance")
    • (obesity|obese|overweight -adults) AND ("academic achievement"|"academic performance")
  5. intitle: - To return results that include your search term(s) in the document's title - intitle:"academic achievement"
  6. author: - To return papers written by a particular author - author:Jackson - author:"JD Jackson"
  7. ( ....) parentheses - group multiple terms or search operators using parentheses to control how the search is executed. - (obesity OR obese OR overweight -adults) AND ("academic achievement" OR "academic performance")
  8. AROUND(X) - Use proximity search to find pages containing two words or phrases within X words of each other.
    • Tip: Start with 3 as this finds phrases like "coronary artery obstruction" and "obstruction of the coronary artery." You could make it 4 or 2 but that hardly changes anything. See what happens when you change it to 6 - do you get relevant articles (subtract the old results) or is it noise? - "coronary artery" AROUND(3) obstruction

For more tips, check the following resources:


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