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LibX Guide

How the LibX toolbar can enhance your library experience.

What is LibX?

LibX is an open-source toolbar that can give you easy access to the UMD catalog and other resources.

Among other things, LibX can help:

  • Locate items in the UMD catalog through the toolbar.
  • Identify items by ISBN, ISSN, DOIs and PubMedIDs.
  • Give you easy access to important library related sites.
  • Search library related sites.
  • Find things by keyword in Google Scholar.
  • Link materials in Amazon and the New York Times to the UMD catalog.
  • Turn ISBN, ISSN, DOI and PMID into links.

There are loads of reasons you should download the UMD LibX add-on. We will expand on these reasons in the different sections.

Download UMD LibX

LibX 2.0 is available for Firefox and Chrome. The Internet Explorer LibX is only available up to version 1.5.3. These links will allow you to download UMD's customized version of LibX for your browser of choice.