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Jewish and Israel Studies

Some thoughts to start with...

מקראות גדולות 
Mikra'ot Gedolot, the term used for the standard rabbinic bible (i.e., the Massoretic text with a selection of classic commentaries).

For you it is important to understand what is in that "standard." Who decided what the text of the Bible was? When was this decided? Which commentaries were includedThe standard "rabbinic bible" is often known by the Hebrew term in the text? How many versions of the מקראות גדולות have been produced, and what is the difference between them?

Multi-volume editions of the biblical text with commentaries

Modern Jewish Editions of the Bible including Translations and Commentaries

These have rapidly become the most popular of the "traditional" or "Orthodox" English translations to the bible, used widely in traditional synagogues throughout the United States and Canada. They form a useful introduction to how the bible is read in a certain segment of the community. It is often quite enlightening to compare the "Art Scroll" translations to others and to deduce the pressures on the editors.