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Jewish and Israel Studies

Background information

  • Bibliography is a systematic list of books, journal articles and other materials on a specific topic.  They are extremely helpful in doing research on a particular topic. 
  • To find additional bibliographies in your subject area, search the Subject Phrase field in the Worldcat Catalog Advanced Search For example, search for "algeria* AND history AND bibliography," or "middle east AND history AND bibliography," etc.
  • In addition, always look at the bibliographies of the books and articles that you are reading for your topic.  Not only will you find additional sources for your paper, but often you will also be able to make a determination whether a particular book or article is important for your topic.  If a source is citated by multiple authors, you should probably include it in your own research as well. 

Selected general bibliographies

Online bibliographies and collections of Hebrew and Yiddish books

Subject Specific Selections