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Jewish and Israel Studies

Background information

There are many places one can find biographies of famous and inportant individuals.  Here are some suggestions: 

  • In this section you will find a list of selected biographical reference sources. This list is selective.  For more biographical reference resources, including biographical dictionaries and encyclopedias, please search the Catalog.
  • Many subject specific and general encyclopedias will include articles on individuals who made various contributions in those areas.  For more information on encyclopedias and dictionaries please see Encyclopedias & dictionaries subsection of the Reference Sources section in this guide.
  • Books are a very important source in finding biographical information on people, particularly if you can find a biography, autobiography or a memoir.  See "Books" section of this guide on how to find books.  To find biographies on your subject, search the Subject Word/s field in the Catalog or WorldCat for the name of your person or for the terms such as "jew* AND biography."

Print indexes

Electronic databases