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Jewish and Israel Studies

Hebrew / English Dictionaries

The Libraries carry many Hebrew/English, English/Hebrew, Yiddis/English and English/Yiddish Dictionaries.  Those which are kept in McKeldin Reference section can be used inside the Libraries, but can't be checked out.  However there are many copies of Hebrew/English and English/Hebrew dictionaries which are also kept in McKeldin Stacks.  Many of those are circulating copies and can be checked out for a period of time depending on your status, please see our Borrowing Policies for specific information.

Most Hebrew/English and English/Hebrew dictionaries are housed in about same area based on the first part of their call number starting with PJ4833.  Knowing this call number you can browse the shelves to find a dictionary most useful to you (often it is a personal preference).  Same principle is true for Yiddish/English and English/Yiddish dictionaries.  Most often they are classed to call number range which starts with PJ5117.

In addition to very general language dictionaries mentioned above, there are many language dictionaries which are subject specific and surve a very specific purpose, for example business, art, or sciences.  They will have different call numbers and therefore will be housed in different locations from above.  To find them please check the Catalog.  


Transliteration is the practice of converting text from one writing system into another in a systematic way. The Transliteration Table below provides writing systems that use non-Roman characters with the analogous Roman characters for easy translation. For additional information, you may consult the Library of Congress  "ALA-LC Romanization Tables: Transliteration Schemes for Non-Roman Scripts," page. The page is approved by the American Library Association. 

Amharic   (2011) Arabic   (2012) Armenian   (2011)
Assamese   (2012) Azerbaijani   (2011) Balinese   (2012)
Batak   (2012) Belarusian   (2012) Bengali   (2012)
Bulgarian   (2013) Burmese   (2011) Cham   (2015)
Cherokee   (2012) Chinese   (2011) Church Slavic   (2011 rev)
Coptic   (2014) Divehi   (2012) Georgian   (2011)
Greek   (2010) Gujarati   (2011) Hebrew and Yiddish   (2011)
Hindi   (2011) Inuktitut   (2011) Japanese   (2012)
Javanese, Sundanese,
and Madurese
Jawi-Pegon   (2012) Judeo-Arabic   (2011)
Kannada   (2011) Kashmiri   (2012) Kazakh   (2012)
Khmer   (2012 rev) Korean   (2009) Kurdish   (2012)
Ladino   (2011) Lao   (2012) Lepcha   (2012 rev)
Limbu   (2011) Macedonian   (2013) Malayalam   (2012)
Manchu   (2012) Mande languages (in N'ko script)   (2015) Marathi   (2011)
Mongolian Moplah   (2012) Moroccan Tamazight   (2012)
Non-Slavic Languages
(in Cyrillic Script)
Oriya   (2011) Ottoman Turkish   (2011)
Pali   (2012) Panjabi   (2011) Persian   (2012)
Pushto   (2013) Romanian (in Cyrillic)    (2014) Russian   (2012)
Rusyn, Carpatho-Rusyn   (2013) Sanskrit and Prakrit   (2012) Santali   (2012)
Serbian   (2013) Shan   (2012) Sindhi   (2013)
Sinhalese   (2011) Syriac   (2012) Tamashek   (2013)
Tamil   (2011) Telugu   (2011) Thai   (2011)
Tibetan   (2015) Tigrinya   (2011) Tod-Oirat-Old Kalmyk   (2012
Uighur   (2015) Ukrainian   (2011) Urdu   (2013)
Vai   (2011 rev)

"ALA-LC Romanization Tables."  Tools and Documentation.  Library of Congress.  

Comprehensive single-language dictionaries