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Student Activism at University of Maryland

A guide to researching student activism at UMD using student newspapers.


Creating, editing, and reviewing this research guide is an ongoing collaborative effort. Contributors include: Casey Hughes (Graduate Assistant); Sara Ludewig (Graduate Assistant); Maureen Jones (Graduate Assistant); keondra bills freemyn (University Archives Project Coordinator); and Natalie Trapuzzano (University Archivist).

Looking Ahead

This research guide is intended to be a work in progress that becomes more accurate and holistic over time. As appropriate and respectful terminology continues to update and evolve, we welcome any feedback, suggestions, and/or criticisms regarding the terminology and resources presented within. We also encourage suggestions for further resources to include in this guide.

To offer feedback, share resources, or donate materials to University Archives that are related to student activism, please email Natalie Trapuzzano, University Archivist, at