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Student Activism at University of Maryland

Guide to researching student activism at using student newspapers. Guide is co-created by Graduate Student Assistants Casey Hughes, Sara Ludewig, and Maureen Jones.

Students at the University of Maryland have also taken initiative in advocating for environmental issues. They have advocated for sustainability and conservation initiatives on campus in addition to supporting federal legislation to combat climate change. As members of various environmental student groups, including the Sierra Club and the Environmental Conservation Organization, these students displayed a commitment to preserving and protecting natural resources. 

Environmental Concerns Lead to Open Letter to Bush

2001 - A University of Maryland alumna wrote an open letter to President George W. Bush about his administration’s disregard for environmental concerns. The letter was written in direct response to the Bush administration’s refusal to negotiate the Kyoto Protocol.

Ecology Group Attempts to Clean Up Paint Branch

1971 - The Environmental Conservation Organization hosted a Paint Branch Creek clean up to protest a proposal by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission to “channel” the creek.

Earthfest and Nukes

1979 - The campus chapter of the Potomac Alliance protested the construction of the North Anna nuclear reactor in Virginia during Earth Week celebrations at UMD.

Student Lobby Group Protests Environmental Bill Stalemate

1990 - University of Maryland students participated in a demonstration in Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. to protest a stalemate in Congress over the passage of the Clean Air Act.

Group May Protest New Arena

1999 - The Sierra Student Coalition considered a formal protest against the construction of the new basketball arena on campus. They cited environmental problems and the “urban sprawl” of campus.

Making the Oil Last

2009 - Students ran the Topsy-Turvy Teva bus, a refurbished school bus attempting to run on the smallest amount of oil possible. Running only on used vegetable oil, the bus traveled across the country teaching students about environmental concerns.