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Japanese Studies

This guides primarily describes resources available at the UMD Libraries for research on Japanese Studies. The guide also directs researchers to collections and resources beyond the UMD Libraries.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

JapanKnowledge Plus NRK - Includes Jitsu [字通] (Chinese character dictionary), NIKKOKU (Shogakkan Japanese language dictionary online), NIHON REKISHI CHIMEI TAIKEI (Encyclopedia of Japanese historical and geographical names), KOKUSHI DAIJITEN WEB (Encyclopedia of Japanese history), WEB NIHON KINDAI BUNGAKKAN (WEB apanese modern literature), along with all the contents of the Japan Knowledge Classic. [Full-text]    

Kanji Jiten Net [漢字辞典ネット] - Free online dictionary for kanji.  It also offers the lists of 1) commonly used kanji (常用漢字); 2) kanji for people's names (人名用漢字); 3) of radicals (部首); and 4) of difficult kanji (難読漢字).