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Public Policy

Guide to public policy research

Google Search Tips

Some search tips - same as for databases:

Place quotes around a phrase
Using quotation marks means the whole phrase will be searched not the individual words

Use the * for truncation
When you put an asterisk at the end of a search term it searches for words with any possible ending.


Limit date

Limit search to particular types of documents by using
site:gov = documents produced/authored by the government at all levels (federal,state,local) and government-sponsored research

site:edu = documents produced/ authored/ sponsored by educational entities

site:org = organizations / associations / think tanks

"affordable housing" "energy burden" virginia site:gov

Google search Affordable Housing Energy Burden Virginia site Gov

You can also limit words to a particular part of the document and combine with site:

limit words to the title: intitle: 
intitle:affordable housing

limit words to the text:  intext: 
intext:housing vouchers
intext:housing race
intext:housing race site:gov

Google In Text Housing Race Search