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Guide to public policy research

National Newspapers Core Database

To read the Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal, use the National Newspapers Core database.
Once in the database, click on Advanced Search

National Newspapers Core

Enter the title of the newspaper in the first line
Change the search field (in) from Anywhere to Publication Title
Change the date
Natioanl Newspapers Core Individual Newspaper Washington PostIf you want to find articles from the Washington Post on a particular topic - add the keywords to the 2nd line.
This example shows searching within the washington post for "foreign affairs" wihin the last 7 days
(The quotes around foreign affairs means the phrase will be searched)
National Newspapers Core Washington Post "foreign affairs" search

Similar to Nexis Uni, because this is a full text database, using - and - to connect your concepts will, in most cases, result in a large number of items and many will not be relevant.

Best to try and bring the word/s closer together and/or change the search field.

To bring the words closer together use N/#
"renewable energy" N/5 subsid*

Used alone, NEAR defaults to NEAR/4.
Important to know: When you shorten NEAR to N, you must provide a number. For example, internet N/3 media.

You can use -and - but, if you retrieve too many results, tye changing the search field from Anywhere to:
Anywhere except full text - NOFT
Abstract AB

National Newspapers Core search renewable energy

Jun 7, 2023