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Library Resources for GVPT Students

guide to government & politics research

Books - WorldCat

WorldCat  (libraries homepage) searches our holdings as well as libraries worldwide. Books, journals, journal articles and open access resources are included.

If you do not find what you are looking for please ask Judy.


Libraries Homepage Worldcat

Search for known items:
Acharya, A., Deciancio, M., & Tussie, D. (Eds.). (2022). Latin america in global international relations. Routledge

Kurki, M. (2022). Traversing webs: Reflections on relational theory and international relations. New Perspectives: Interdisciplinary Journal of Central & East European Politics & International Relations30(2), 189–197

Journals can be tricky
"foreign policy" -  limit to Journals
Journal of Democracy


Search by topic/keywords
Same search strategies but if combining -  capatalize the connectors and use parentheses:
("world hunger" OR "global hunger") AND gmo*