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Public Policy

Guide to public policy research

CRS Reports

CRS Reports (Congressional Research Service) are produced by the public policy research arm of Congress and are heavily researched and written by experts in the field on legislative issues. CRS Reports are available fulltext from 1916 to the present. 

Two ways to access:
The Congressional Publications database (linked below)  and using the we.

I. Congressional Publications
Follow these steps:

1. Document Types Either keep Select All, or deselect and choose  CRS Reports. YOu might want to add Topic Pages as well.
(If you keep Select All, you will have the opportunity to limit document type within results)

2. Keep the search field to: All fields except full text

3. Enter Search Terms = keywords. Some examples: 
"affordable housing" 
"climate finance"
"child care" and subsidies
daca or "Deferred Action for Parental Accountability"

II. The Web 
enter your key words and add

crs reports

A search could look like this:
"affordable housing" crs reports
"child care" subsidies crs reports