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Public Policy

Guide to public policy research

PLCY 400 - Sanders - Spring 2024

Use keywords from your project descriptions.

Don't forget to check the main tabs for details:
google  tips- use site:gov or site:org
especially when you are seeking to see what other states/cities/towns.. are doing to address the issues

CRS Reports - use the Congressional Publications database or google using your keywords and add - crs reports

Newspaper Articles:
Nexis Uni
National Newspapers Core (Washington Post / WSJ / Baltimore Sun)

So Important:
citation chasing - following references - backwards and forwards 
this is the best way to build your bibliography
Follow up on the references and then go to google scholar to see who has cited the original publication

manage citations - use a citation management tool to keep track of your sources

keep track of the databases and searches you use
save yourself time by keeping track so you do not duplicate your work

searching multiple databases - search mulitple EbscoHost databases together 
searching multile databases - search multiple ProQuest databases together

For many of your topics - you might want/need to search ALL the Ebsco databses at once   

Ebsco tip: too many results? add more keywords / change search field to AB Abstract / Limit to United states = "united states" or usa or u.s. and change search field to AB Abstract
Location = "united sates" or usa or u.s. = AB Abstract
Proquest tip: change search field from Anywhere to - Anywhere except full text / Abstract / filter = Location = United States or "united states" or usa or u.s. = Abstract
Web of Science tip: change search field from All Fields to Topic

Identify one or two relevant articles - check the abstract / subject words and incorporate into your search if necessary

Remember - you will always retrieve documents that are not relevant! 

Please email me with any questions

Google, some suggested searches:
worker* exploitation agricultur* maryland site:gov
worker* exploitation agricultur* maryland site:org
migrant* exploitation agricultur* maryland site:org
migrant* exploitation agricultur* maryland site:gov

All Ebsco databases
Possible search srategy:
"liberatory education" 


For mission statement examples try google:
"liberatory education" "mission statement" site:edu
"liberatory education" "mission statement" site:org

 Academic Search Ultimate, Education Source, MasterFILE Premier, SocINDEX

Possible search strategy:
ableism or ableist
program or intervention or campaign

If you do not want school programs then add:
school* or classroom


abelism awareness program site:org
abelism awareness program site:edu


Academic Search Ultimate, Business Source Complete, EconLIT,  MasterFILE Premier, SocINDEX

Possible Search Strategies:
"paid leave"
bipoc or black* or indigenous or "people of color" or "African American*" or latin# or asian

"paid leave"
"small business*" or "small firm*" or "small enterprise*" or "small compan*"


"paid leave" "small business*" site:org
"paid leave" "small business*" site:gov
"paid leave" "small business*" bipoc site:gov
"paid leave" "small business*" bipoc site:org

Web of Science

Academic Search Ultimate, Business Source Complete, SocINDEX with Full Text, MasterFILE Premier, Health Source - Consumer Edition, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition, MEDLINE, SPORTDiscus with Full Text

possible search strategy for both databases:
bike* or bicycle*
crash* or accident*

data software bike* accident* site:org
data software bike* accident* site:edu



Nexis Uni provides access to University and College publications
Nexis Uni University Wire


"bike ambassador" site:edu
"bike ambassador" site:org
"bike ambassador" site:gov

Academic Search Ultimate, SocINDEX with Full Text, MasterFILE Premier, Education Source, ERIC


Possible search strategy:
"kindergarten readiness" or "school readiness"
program* or strateg*
evaluation or assessment or measurement or analysis

children budget  maryland  site:gov
"children* budget" maryland site:gov
children budget  maryland  site:org
"children* budget" maryland site:org