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Maryland Genealogy

A guide to resources in Special Collections about Maryland Genealogy.

What is Genealogical Research?/General Maryland Genealogy in Special Collections

Genealogical research is the tracing of an individual's ancestral history using historical records, both official and unofficial, such as:

to find identifying data about that individual (, 2011). In addition to documents such as those listed above, genealogists compile individual family histories based on personal correspondence (letters, diaries, cards, etc.), artifacts, photographs, and oral histories passed down from generation to generation.

Some people argue that genealogical research is inherently different from family history research in that genealogical research focuses on hard data about a person such as their age, birthplace, occupation, and so forth, whereas family history research focuses more on the context or series of events transpiring in an individual's or family's life (, 2011). For the purposes of this guide, the terms "genealogical" and "family history" will be used interchangeably.

The above links will take you to pages describing these records and how to find them in Special Collections and elsewhere. For a list of subject headings that will assist you with finding materials about general Maryland genealogy, click here. For materials about general Maryland genealogy, click on the links for the topics listed above.

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External Resources About Genealogical Research