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Maryland Genealogy

A guide to resources in Special Collections about Maryland Genealogy.

Population Schedules by Year

One of the most valuable resources the University of Maryland Special Collections offers to genealogists is the Maryland Census Population Schedules, which contain information about individuals in a given household such as their names, ages, addresses, birthplaces, and more (National Archives - Census Records). Special Collections also contains selected population schedules of individual counties (transcribed from the federal census records by their authors) such as the Anne Arundel county Census of 1800. Selected Census Population Schedules available in Special Collections have been listed below, as well as relevant subject headings that one can use to find other Census indexes in Special Collections.

Subject Headings:

(insert county name), Census, (census year), Indexes

Ex.: Harford County (Md.), Census, 1810

Maryland, Census, (insert year)

Ex.: Maryland, Census, 1920

Selected Census Population Schedules in Special Collections

External Sources About Census Indexes for the State of Maryland