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Maryland Genealogy

A guide to resources in Special Collections about Maryland Genealogy.

Land Records in Special Collections

Special Collections contains historical records of land grants, land ownership, and land transfers by notable Maryland individuals. Though Special Collections does not have information pertaining to recent land records, the Collections' existing records can be useful to those studying the history of land ownership in Maryland, or to those whose relatives were among Maryland's earliest settlers. For subject headings that can be used to find more materials involving land records in Special Collections and throughout the UM Libraries, see the list below. For a listing of genealogical materials about early landowners in Maryland, click here or scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Subject Headings

Land grants, Maryland

Land Tenure, Maryland

Land Tenure, Maryland, (insert county or city name)

Ex.: Land Tenure, Maryland, Anne Arundel County

Landowners, Maryland, Registers

Books and Manuscripts Detailing Early Maryland Land Records

External Links about Land Records in Maryland