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Maryland Genealogy

A guide to resources in Special Collections about Maryland Genealogy.

Genealogy Resources Involving Religious Organizations in Special Collections

Religious organizations are highly useful sources of genealogical information. Religious organizations often keep records such as notices of births, baptisms, bar/bat mitzvahs, marriages, deaths, and so on.

Some of these records have been made public and can be found in Special Collections materials such as local newspapers, baptismal records, and registers of births and death, among other things. For a list of subject headings that will assist in finding genealogical materials by religious organization, look at the list below.

For a list of books and periodicals containing genealogical information involving religious organizations, click here or scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Subject Headings:

Baptismal records, Maryland

Baptismal records, Maryland, (insert county or city name)

Ex.: Baptismal records, Maryland, Baltimore

Catholics, Maryland, (insert city or county name), Genealogy

Church Records and Registers, Maryland

Church Records and Registers, Maryland, (insert county or city name)

Lutherans, Maryland

Marriage Records, Maryland

Marriage Records, Maryland, (insert county or city name)

Quakers, Maryland, Genealogy

Quakers, Maryland, (insert county or city name), Genealogy

Registers of Births, etc., Maryland

Registers of Births, etc., Maryland, (insert county or city name)

Books and Periodicals Containing Genealogical Information from Religious Organizations

External Resources about Genealogy Involving Religious Organizations