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Maryland Genealogy

A guide to resources in Special Collections about Maryland Genealogy.

African American Genealogy in Special Collections

The University of Maryland Special Collections has a small collection of materials about African American genealogy as it pertains to general Maryland history. In addition to general vital records, Census population schedules, and other commonly used genealogy sources, African American genealogy researchers can search unique resources such as:

  • Slave registers
  • Enlistment records of African Americans in the military
  • Biographies of noted African Americans from Maryland

As well as general genealogical materials like:

Below is a listing of some of these materials, as well as relevant subject headings that can be used to find materials elsewhere in the UM Libraries. For external websites or research sites containing information about African American genealogy, check the box on the right.

Subject Headings:

African Americans, Genealogy

African Americans, Maryland, Genealogy

Free African Americans, Maryland, Genealogy

African Americans, Maryland, History

African Americans, (insert city or county name), Maryland, History

Ex.: African Americans, Baltimore, Maryland, History

Slaves, Maryland

Slave Records, Maryland

Books and Periodicals about African American Genealogy in Special Collections

External Resources about African American Genealogy