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Women's Studies Research Guide

guide to women's studies research

Always think about different ways to say the same thing.  Start with keywords to describe your topic, within results, read the abstract and look at the subject headings to identify additional keywords to use and revise the search (if needed).
Retrieve too many results? Limit to scholarly articles, limit words to subject

Search Strategies: 

Start with keywords (place phrases in quotes), use connectors (or / and) and look for the subject headings specific to each database.


place phrases in quotes so the whole phrase will be searched together and not the words individually
"feminist theory"
"gender role"
"body image"
"gender identity"
"mass media"
"sexual harassment"
"equal rights"


Place an * at the end of the word to retrieve all the variations
role* = role or roles
feminis* = feminism or feminist
sex* = sex or sexes or sexual or sexism
ethnic* = ethnic or ethnicity


or: either term/s are included (to connect synonyms or like concepts)

  "gender role" or "gender identity"
"social media" or"social network"
workplace or job
islam or muslim

and: all terms must be included (to connect concepts) 

media and women and (muslin or islam)
abortion and (law or legislation) and religion
globalization and china and women
"body image" and "mass media"
"sexual harassment" and women and (workplace or job)