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Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Guide

guide to women's studies research

There are many databases you can use for researching Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. 
Many of the dataases for WGSS research are provided by: EbscoHost and Proquest
You will want to search the EbscoHost databases together to remove duplicates, same for theProQuest databases. 
Get into one EbscoHost database such as Women's Studies International (linked below) and then once in, click on - choose databases - and add the others. 
Get into one ProQuest database suchas GenderWatch (linked below) and then once in, click on the three ar enu (upper left) - click on - Change Databases - and add the others.

See the tab labeled:
Searching Multiple Database

Start with these core EbscoHost databases:
Women's Studies International (linked below)
LGBTQ+ Source
Academic Search Ultimate
MasterFILE Premier

Since WGSS is very interdisciplinary in nature, and WGSS research is integral to many disciplines, there are other databases you need to consult.  

For example, if your issue deals with women and education, you would want to also search the two education databases:
Education Source

If you were researching some aspect of WGSS  history in the United States, you would want to add America. History and Life. If your historical topic deals with other countries you would want to search Historical Abstracts.

WGSS and Health should include some health databases such as:
Health Source Consumer Edition
Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition

There are also ebooks:
eBook Collection
eBook Comprehensive Academic Collection
eBook Open Access

Start with these core ProQuest databases:
GenderWatch (linked below)
Ethnic News Watch
Add others:
Black Studies Periodicals Database
Public Health Database
PAIS - Policy

There are also eBooks:
EBook Central