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Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) Collection at UM Libraries

JPRS is a government organization established in 1957 to supply the government with translations of unclassified foreign documents. This is important source material for research in the social sciences, science, political science & intl relations.

Index II.C. Transdex: Bibliography and Index to the United States Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) and Translations. (1970-1974) Gov Ref AS 36.U574.

In 1970, the previous indexes would merge to form the Transdex. This index was published first monthly and followed with a cumulative semi-annual issue. The McKeldin Library collection retained only the semi-annual issues. The index covers all publications from all geographic locations but is not separated geographically in the way as previous indexes.

This index includes the following:

  1. Serial and ad hoc titles index – a listing of all serials and ad hoc (singular materials) indexed in that issue
  2. Country index – a listing of countries and related JPRS documents
  3. Subject index – an arrangement of major subjects, followed by subcategories, each with a listing of related JPRS documents
  4. Publications' index – a listing of each publication with corresponding dates
  5. Author index – all authors translated in that issue of the Transdex
  6. Bibliographic listing – a complete list of all documents for that issue in JPRS order

All entries in each different type of index contain a JPRS number. From all indexes, use the JPRS number and refer to the Bibliographic Listing. The bibliography indicates a microfilm reel number and microfiche sheet number. The McKeldin Library collection only holds the microfilm reels covered in this index. Each microfilm reel number contains a country code and then a number. "Microfilm Reel R313" is for the Soviet Union, Reel No. 313. The codes are as follows and correspond to the following call numbers for the reels:

Code Geographic Location Call Number
A Asia Gov Docs Microfilm AS 36 .U576
C China Gov Docs Microfilm AS 36 .U5762
CA China and Asia Gov Docs Microfilm AS 36 .U5764
E East Europe Gov Docs Microfilm AS 36 .U5768
ID International Developments Gov Docs Microfilm AS 36 .U58
R Soviet Union Gov Docs Microfilm AS 36 .U582