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Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) Collection at UM Libraries

JPRS is a government organization established in 1957 to supply the government with translations of unclassified foreign documents. This is important source material for research in the social sciences, science, political science & intl relations.

Index II.B. Catalog in Book Form for United States Joint Publications Research Service Translations Gov Ref AS36.U5738.

This index was published semi-annually as a cumulative index from 1957 – 1970. Many of the entries correspond to the entries listed in the previous indexes and their arrangement is similar.

The catalog cards are arranged in this index by JPRS number. Titles are indexed in two short sections: serialized items (i.e. periodicals, journals, newspapers, etc.) and nonserialized items (i.e. books, reports, etc.). Within these sections, they are classed geographically – China and Asia, Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and International Developments.

This bibliography is accessed differently over four different time periods of publication:

  • 1957 – 1964 – because reel numbers are not listed, it is difficult to access JPRS documents from this index until 1965. It is better to use the previously listed indexes.
  • 1965, Part 1A thru 1B – there is both a subject index and a cross reference index that is taken from 3. July 1964 – June 1967 of Index II.A (explained in Figure II.B).
  • 1965, Part 2A thru 2B – the subject index and cross reference index are taken from 4. July 1967 – 1972 of Index II.A (explained in Figure II.C).
  • 1966 – 1970 – microfilm reel numbers and microfiche sheet numbers are listed with each JPRS document in the bibliography.