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Latin American Studies

This guide provides links to and information about electronic and print resources in Latin American studies available through the University of Maryland Libraries

Worldcat- Index Labels

Worldcat also has index labels which allow for very specific searches.   The following example shows how to search for John Stark's book The Literature of Exhaustion: Borges, Nabokov, and Barth.  

When using boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) place them in upper case letters.

Click here for a full list of index labels


Phrase Searching in Worldcat UMD

Use quotes to retrieve records with an exact phrase literature of exhaustion.  Without quotes the individual words will be combined with an "and" operator.

Advanced Search

From the UMD Libraries' home page click on Advanced Search.


Boolean, Wildcards, and Related Subject Searches

Use the OR boolean operator, in upper case, to include alternate spellings, synonyms. or related terms; enclose the terms within parentheses (); this technique CANNOT be used in the first box, but CAN be used in the second or subsequent boxes.

The asterisk (*) is the truncation symbol. (e.g., argentin* matches argentina, argentinian, argentine, etc.)

You can use the drop down menus to change the index labels.  In this example in the second box, "title" was changed to "keyword".

You can add additional rows to your search.

Boolean, Wildcards, and Subject Searches


Once you find a book on your topic use the "Subjects" that appear in the "Description" of the record to find additional resources on your topic.