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University Archives Digital Collections

Guide to using digitized University Archives Resources. Guide is co-created by Graduate Student Assistants, Casey Hughes and Sara Ludewig.


Shell-tering in Place - Terp Stories of COVID-19

Contribute to digital collections at UMD! The University Archives invites all members of the UMD community to share their COVID-19 stories to be preserved in the Archives. Future generations will be able to access this collection to gain insight into how Terps faced this global crisis thanks to your contributions to this project

Shell-tering In Place Collection Homepage

Media Guides are published by sports teams at the beginning of their season. They typically contain the season outlook and roster, as well as information about players. The Media Guides vary in the amount of information they contain but are a great place to start when looking for information on a team or athlete. All the Media Guides in the archive are digitized and can be accessed here.

Dissecting a Media Guide

Media Guides contain a lot of information and are a good resource for athletic reference of all kinds. They contain information on players, photos, stats, etc.  Below we have detailed some of the information a typical Media Guide contains, using the 1995 Field Hockey Media Guide as an example.