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University Archives Digital Collections

Guide to using digitized University Archives Resources. Guide is co-created by Graduate Student Assistants, Casey Hughes and Sara Ludewig.

About the Student Newspaper Collection

The University of Maryland Student Newspaper Database contains digitized and searchable versions of major student newspapers produced on the University of Maryland campus. Student newspapers on campus reflect current events, campus happenings, and student interests throughout the history of the University. In collaboration with the Libraries’ Digital Systems and Services (DSS) division, University Archives digitized these newspapers for public access through the database. Digitization is ongoing, with more recent issues of The Diamondback and additional student newspapers still to be added. The database currently contains 5 publications, date ranges for digitized materials are detailed below. 

The Diamondback and its predecessor papers, January 1, 1910 - August 21, 2008

To access current issues of The Diamondback visit:

Black Explosion, May 1970 - December 2015/January 2016

To access current issues of The Black Explosion visit:

Mitzpeh, September 14, 1983 - November 5, 2015

To access current issues of Mitzpeh visit:

The Eclipse. September 16, 1985 - May 2013

Argus,  March 10, 1972- September 3, 1982

Follow this link to the Digitized Student Newspapers

How to Search the Student Newspaper Collection

  1. Access the UMD Student Newspapers database.

  2. Enter a keyword, name, or article title in the search bar. Put your search in quotation marks if searching for a complete phrase. 

    1. Ex: Searching the term: Stamp Student Union will search for the words Stamp, Student, and Union separately. Searching “Stamp Student Union” will search for the entire phrase.

  3. Once you have entered your search term and clicked the “Search” button, the database will display all results.   

  4. You can adjust the number of results per page and sort results by relevance, title, or date.

  5. You can also filter search results by Newspaper Title, Component (Issue, Page, or Article), or Decade.

  6. You can also filter by year, month, and day within each decade.

  7. Your search term will be highlighted in yellow when you view the student newspaper page.

  8. More information on adjusting the display features when viewing the digitized student newspaper can be found here

  9. Articles can be downloaded and saved for future reference using the clipping tool. 

    1. Drag the clipping frame over the article you would like to download.

    2. ​​​​​​​Click “confirm selection” and the clip will automatically download.

Further questions on searching the Digitized Student Newspaper Database can be directed to