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Maryland Law Resources

A guide to basic Maryland legal resources available online and in McKeldin and Hornbake Libraries.


The Opinions of the Attorney General of Maryland are the written responses which the Maryland Attorney General prepared to specific legal questions raised by state government officials. For example, a state legislator may ask for an opinion on the constitutionality of a bill before the legislature; the commissioner of a state agency may question the legal ramifications arising out of changes in his agency's procedures. The Opinions may construe statues, interpret case law, or give legal counsel. 


Citation Format

The Opinions of the Attorney General of Maryland are abbreviated Op. Atty. Gen. or OAG. 

For example, 95 Op. Atty. Gen. Md. 101 or 95 OAG 101.

Use the Opinions to find:

  • The full text or synopsis of the Attorney General's Opinion on a specific subject.
  • The annual report of the Attorney General.
  • State, county, and local laws cited in the opinions.
  • Citations to pertinent court decisions referred to in the opinions.

(1) Printed Works - Onsite Access

(2) Free Online Sources

(3) Electronic Databases - Onsite Access or Limited Remote Access

Access available at all UM Libraries' locations through the Database Finder ( Remote access is limited to University of Maryland staff and students.