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Maryland Law Resources

A guide to basic Maryland legal resources available online and in McKeldin and Hornbake Libraries.


The Maryland Register is the temporary supplement to the Code of Maryland Regulations, printing all changes in regulations as soon as they occur. This bi-weekly publication, which started in 1974, is also the official source of information about many other activities within State government. The Maryland Register is issued every other Friday.

There are separate sections for each kind of source of information published in the Maryland Register:

  • Governor 
  • General Assembly 
  • Judiciary regulations 
  • Regulatory review and evaluation 
  • Administrative decisions 
  • Advisory opinions 
  • General notices
  • Special documents 
  • Emergency regulations
  • Regulations that have had some final action
  • Proposed regulations

What's In the Maryland Register?

Use the Maryland Register to find:

  • The full text of changes in COMAR regulations made or proposed in the two weeks since the previous issue of the Maryland Register.
  • A list by COMAR number of all regulations changed in any way since publications of the last COMAR supplements, with references to the issues of the Maryland Register where the full text of those changes was published.
  • Citations to the Annotated Code of Maryland which authorizes a specific regulation.
  • Gubernatorial executive orders and appointments.
  • Hearing calendars of the Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals.
  • Full text of Attorney General opinions, State Ethics Commission Opinions, and Open Meetings Compliance Board Opinions.
  • Synopsis of General Assembly bills proposed and enacted.
  • General notices of the activities of state agencies, and their scheduled public hearings and meetings.

Online Access

State Contract Information

The Maryland Contract Weekly began as a supplement of the Maryland Register in 1978. It was a separate publication from 1992 to July 2006. It ceased publication on July 5, 2006. Current state contract information is at eMaryland Marketplace


The Maryland Register is abbreviated Md.R. and is cited by volume, issue, page number, and date.

EXAMPLE: 34:12 Md.R. 1075 (June 8, 2007) refers to Volume 34, issue No.12, page 1075 of the Maryland Register issued on June 8, 2007.