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Faculty Success: Creating and Curating a Scholarly Profile

This guide is designed for those who would like to create a ResearcherID or Google Scholar profile, especially those who need to track scholarly output in preparation for Faculty Success.


Welcome to our LibGuide!
Preparing for Faculty Success: Creating and Curating a Scholarly Profile

This guide is designed for those who would like to create a ResearcherID, a Google Scholar profile, or learn how to import citations into Faculty Success.

When updating your publication activity in Faculty Success, you will be able to input your publications manually, through third-party import options, or by uploading a BibTeX file, which can be created in a variety of ways. Faculty Success has direct integrations to various third party import tools like ORCID, Crossref, PubMed, and Web of Science, allowing for easier publication import.

You can also leverage scholarly output tracked via Google Scholar, or through citation managers like Zotero and Mendeley, by exporting the commonly accepted BibTeX file. BiBTeX files can also be easily generated using other online tools, such as AnyStyle. Within this LibGuide we have included information about how to set up an ORCID, Google Scholar orResearcherID account.

We have also included information about how to export a BibTeX file from both, as well as from a selection of other citation managers and from some other online tools.

There are pros and cons to each of these approaches, and some may work better for particular disciplines. Please see Publication Import for further details. 

Note that while on a number of the activity screens in Faculy Success - Presentations, Inventions, Creative Scholarship, etc.-
it is possible to link to other UMD Faculty directly as activity collaborators are being indentified. This results in the creation of a linked copy of the activity in that UMD faculty's activity data and can be a nice convenience.

These linked records are owned by the faculty member who created the record and are only editable by the record owner.

However, this feature is not available with Publication records and this is due to unintended consequences of records brought in through the import Publications feature of Faculty Success.

In pilot testing with Faculty Success and the Import Publications feature with this record linking capability turned on, it was found that faculty would import from a service like Wed of Science, get a whole long list of matches and then quickly click through the screens to complete the import. This led to many many publications being linked to UMD faculty with common last names since many of the import services only reference the first initial. The linked publications cannot be edited or deleted by the linked faculty member, which thereby left them with many erroneous entries in their Publications records.

If you have publications that you've entered into Faculty Success and you'd like to share the records with your UMD collaborators, reach out to the Faculty Success team ( and we can work with you to share those records.