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Databases and Guides Standards and Processes

This guide provides UMD librarians with the agreed upon standards and processes for LibGuides.


Anytime a new guides account is added for anyone, the person automatically shows up on the Profile page.

If the new account person is not a subject specialist, their profile page needs to be deleted.

Follow these steps:
Manage Accounts
pull up the account (by name or email)
click on the far right - manage account icon (see screenshot below)
click on Profile Page (see screenshot below)
Click on Disabled (see screenshot below)


Editing Subject Specialists

Editing A-Z Custom Homepage Boxes

Widget for Groups (ex. STEM Librarians)

Since there is no way to save a widget, you have to create a new one. But it's pretty easy to do. 

Please follow the steps below:

  • Login to LibGuide admin interface:
  • Go to Tools > Widget > Users Tab
  • Embed Type: Javascript
  • Link Target: Same window
  • Under Filters > Account, choose STEM people.
  • In Hippo CMS, Copy and Paste the Javascript code to the Source code area of the Hippo document. (replace the old code)

Preview of result




A-Z Template - add/edit

Template for A-Z Homepage

  • LibGuides/Admin/LookAndFeel
  • Page Layout/A-Z
  • Customize A-Z Database Page Template
  • Use one of the preset templates to make changes. Probably it is best to use the latest one. 
  • Change the name - use same name as the one you're modifying but change the date/initial  

Elements of Template