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Databases and Guides Standards and Processes

This guide provides UMD librarians with the agreed upon standards and processes for LibGuides.

Bios, Photos

All librarians should have their photos and bios

[See process below for updating staff directory]

  • Add, change, or update Bio, Photo. Send a request to
  • Headshot. A headshot should be a high-quality photograph of the person against a relatively plain or neutral background, generally taken from the shoulders up, and convey a professional presence. Avoid using a cropped group photo. Headshots may be provided by the faculty or staff member or arranged to be taken at events offered periodically by the Strategic Communications and Outreach Team (SCOT). SCOT will resize all headshots to a square 1:1 ratio, as needed.
  • Biography. Biographies should be no longer than 100 words, written in the first person, and include a brief description of the person’s role within the Libraries. Biographies could also include educational background, publications, professional leadership positions, and research interests. The Libraries reserves the right to review biographical narratives in accordance with these guidelines and consult with appropriate parties before publication on the website.
  • Link to Research Guide. Librarians and others with a Specialist Profile (on Springshare’s LibGuides platform) need to include this link as part of their profile. It will be labeled “Specialist Profile and Make an Appointment.”

Updating Springshare Specialist Profile

Use the same parameters for the headshot/photo and bio as for the Staff Directory.


Specialist Directory (Springshare)

Check for accuracy: subjects, guides, and update LibCal. 
  • Change in Subject/s:  Send to Yelena.  Yelena sends to Database & Guides Council (DGC)
  • Change/Add  Bio, Photo, Calendar (for office hours):  Update yourself

To update your bio:

  • LibApps - My Profile - Profile Page - add or make changes to your Personal Statement


LibApps -> My Profile -> Profile Box

If anyone struggles with updating their own profiles, they can send it to Yelena and she’ll send it to the council to change]

Departmental Faculty Representatives Directory

Departmental Faculty Representatives Directory 
  • Double-check departments/programs assigned to you
  • Double-check departmental representatives for your areas.  If a department does not have an official faculty liaison representative to the Libraries, the department's chair serves in that role
  • Send corrections to Yelena

Setting up the Schedule Appointment Button

  1. In LibCal, go to "Appointments".

  2. Click "Widget/Embed Code".

  3. Copy the entire text of the code (highlighted in the box below).

  4. Now go to LibApps, click "My Profile".

  5. Click "Profile Box".

  6. Click "Widget".

  7. Paste code into the "LibCal Widget Code" box. You will need to click on the Empty text in order to open the text box. (DO NOT paste into the "LibAnswers Widget Code" section! Be sure to put code ONLY in the LIBCAL WIDGET CODE). 

  8. Within the code, change "background" from "#FFFFFF" to "#F0163A" and change "color" from "#333333" to  "#FFFFFF".