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Databases and Guides Standards and Processes

This guide provides UMD librarians with the agreed upon standards and processes for LibGuides.

Viewing/Deleting Book Assets

  1. Login to LibApps
  2. Select Research Guides

  3. From the Content menu (top yellow bar), select Assets

  4. Select you name under Owner

  5. Select Book under Type. Then Filter results

  6. Under search results, you should see Showing 1 to 25 of xxx entries (filtered from 24,691 total entries). You may increase the number of entries displayed from 25 to 100.
  7. Click on the URL column to sort the URLs in ascending or descending order

  8. To view the guide(s) associated with the book, click on the number in the Mapping Count column. If the guide associated with the book or the book itself is outdated, you may consider editing the guide/deleting the asset.