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Databases and Guides Standards and Processes

This guide provides UMD librarians with the agreed upon standards and processes for LibGuides.

What is a Database

A database is a searchable collection of information. 


  • Platform to search and access collections of journals, eBooks, handbooks, newspapers, etc. 

  • Can focus on one subject or be multidisciplinary. 

  • Can provide abstracts, citations and full text.

An individual electronic title (encyclopedia, dictionary, handbook, film) is NOT a database.

Guides - Policies and Procedures, etc.


Guides are used to direct patrons to library resources and services and are used for library instruction. 


If there is a GA or student assistant who is working on a guide as an editor, the owner of the guide can add a paragraph such as: "This guide was made by __________ as part of a field study/assistantship under the supervision of (Librarian Name)."

Database and Guides Council charge

  1. Oversee databases and directory of subject specialists serving as a decision making body for issues or concerns related to SpringShare, such as
    • Customization as pertaining to guides and databases pages.
    • LibGuides and Database finder homepages
    • Customized subject specialist buttons
  2.  Oversee, maintain, monitor profile pages, policies, procedures, and guidelines, develop new workflows.  For example,
    • Develop guidelines for librarians’ bios and pictures.
    • Who can populate the database section of LibGuides? Are there any restrictions?
    • How can we enforce policies?
    • Who and when double-checks for accuracy, completeness and removes duplication?
    • Review current purchase forms and recommend improvements if needed.
    • Identify stakeholders and their roles
    • In consultation with the Director of Research, Teaching, and Learning, oversight for taxonomy (subject categories and subcategories): current, new, and what to discontinue.
  3.  Serve as a primary communicator with SpringShare for any issues related to LibGuides, Database Finder, and Subject Directory. Staying abreast of trends and changes within the SpringShare platform.
  4. Communicating updates related LibGuides and Database finder internally to LibGuide Owners, services desks, CHAT/AskUs operators, etc.
  5. As needed, report software or technology issues related to SpringShare to DSS. As needed, coordinate with appropriate representatives in DSS to schedule any critical updates to the SpringShare platform, and deal with accessibility issues and Mobile friendly interfaces.

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