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How to use materials in the Gordon W. Prange Collection

This guide shows you how to search and access the materials housed in the Gordon W. Prange Collection


Marlene Mayo, Professor of History at the University of Maryland, and one assistant conducted 102 interviews with Americans who planned or served in the Allied Occupation of Japan, 1945-1952.  The bulk of the interviews were conducted between 1978 and 1992, but a few took place as recently as 2019. The interviewees worked in a variety of political, legal, economic and cultural activities at all levels and form a cross-section of Americans involved in the Occupation. The first year of the project was funded by the Japan Foundation.

The interviews were recorded on cassette tapes, and the transcripts were typewritten.  The interviews and transcripts have been digitized. 

Photo at left: Professor Marlene Mayo, honored for her donation of the Marlene J. Mayo Oral Histories to the University of Maryland Libraries, November 3, 2011.  

An overview of the oral history collection can be found in the University of Maryland Libraries Archival Collections. Below is a list of the interviewees.  A "T" indicates that there is a transcript. In some cases, more than one interview was conducted with an individual, indicated as "T1", "T2," and so on. The audio of the interviews are currently only available onsite in the Maryland Room on the 1st floor of Hornbake Library North. For more information, please contact us.

Preferred citation: Name of interviewee Oral History, Marlene J. Mayo Oral Histories, Gordon W. Prange Collection, University of Maryland Libraries.

Aiso, John Fujio (T)

 Clarke, Martha (T)  Furness, George (T1, T2)  Kobayashi, Key (T1)  Rizzo, Frank (T)

 Anderson, Ronald (T)

 Coleman, Beverly (T)  Gillies, Roderick (T)  Kobayashi, Key (T2)  Seidensticker, Edwin (T)

 Appel, Leonard (T1, T2)

 Colton, Kenneth (T1)  Goodman, Grant (No T)  Langdon, Frank (T)  Sills, David (T)

 Bailey, Jackson (T)

 Colton, Kenneth (T2)  Gordon, Beate (T)  Langston, Eugene (T)  Sills, Yole Granata (T)

 Bassin, Jules (T1)

 Conroy, F. Hilary (T1)  Gordon, Joe (T)  Lawrence, Neil Henry (T)  Smith, Leora (T)

 Bassin, Jules (T2)

 Conroy, F. Hilary (T2)  Green, Marshall (T)  Levy, Marion (T)  Spaulding, Robert M. (T)

 Beauchamp, Virginia (T1)

 Cooke, Yayoi (T1)  Greer, Herbert (T)  Maki, John M. (T)  Spencer, Elizabeth (T)

 Beauchamp, Virginia (T2)

 Cooke, Yayoi (T2)  Griffin, Edward (T)  Mark, Albert (T)  Steiner, Kurt (T)

 Beplat, Tristan (T1, T2)

 Cooke, Yayoi (T3)  Grilli, Marcel (T)  Mark, Elizabeth Chatwick (T)  Sullivan, Eleanor (No T)

 Berkeley, J.P. (T)

 Costello, John (T)  Hadley, Eleanor M. (T)  Martin, Edwin (T1, T2)  Textor, Robert B. (T)

 Borton, Hugh (No T)

 Cumberland, John (T)  Hollerman, Leon (T)  McDiarmid, Orville John (T)  Totten, George Oakley III (No T)

 Bowers, Faubion (T)

 Danegger, Al (T1)  Howes, John (T)  Mears, Helen (No T)  Vernon, Raymond (T)

 Bowles, Gordon (T1, T2)

 Danegger, Al (T2)  Jansen, Marius B. (T)  Miner, Earl Roy (T)  Van Staaveren, Jacob (T)

 Bronfenbrenner, Martin (T)

 Deale, Valentine (T1, T2)  Johnson, Bert (T)  Moffatt, Luella (T)  Walker, Robert H. (T)

 Brown, Holloway (T)

 Decker, Charles (T1, T2)  Johnson, Carmen (T1, T2)  Montgomery, John D. (T)  Webb, Herschel (T)

 Brown, Sidney  (T)

 Dillon, Wilton (T)  Johnson, U. Alexis (T1)  Morden, Jean (T)  Welsh, Edward (T)
 Bunce, W. Kenneth (T  Donihi, Robert (T1, T2, T3)  Johnson, U. Alexis (T2)  Morden, Roy (T)  Wesson, Sheldon (T)

 Burati, Valery (T)

 Dornheim, Arthur (T)  Jorden, Eleanor Harz (T)  Multhauf, Robert (T)  Whitney, Evelyn (T)

 Carr, Denzel (T)

 Edwards, Corwin D. (T)  Kades, Charles (No T)  Park, Richard (T)  Wilbur, C. Martin (No T)
 Cary, Otis (T)  Emmerson, John K. (T1, T2)  Keene, Donald (T)  Reischauer, Edwin O. (T)  Williams, Carrington (T)

 Cary, Alice (T)

 Fahey, Jr., Daniel (T)  Klauser, Arthur (T)  Richie, Donald (T)  Williams, Justin, Jr. (T)

 Chapin, Emerson (T)

 Falk, Stanley (T)      Zahn, Robert R. (No T)


 Fine, Sherwood (T)      


 Finn, Dallas (T)      


 Finn, Richard B. (T)      


 Fukushima, Glen (T)