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How to use materials in the Gordon W. Prange Collection

This guide shows you how to search and access the materials housed in the Gordon W. Prange Collection


The 8,000 children's books in the Prange Collection include picture books, comic books, story books and children's games and coloring books. The children's book collection has been digitized.  

Nurie to kosaku

How to SEARCH and ACCESS Children's Books


Digital Collections:  Prange Digital Children's Book Collection.  Full text is only available on the University of Maryland campus. When accessed off-campus, you can view the thumbnail image of the book cover and the bibliographic data for the book. 



Digital Collections: NDL's Digital Collections  Full text is only available onsite at the National Diet Library of Japan.  When accessed offsite, you can view the bibliographic data for the book. 



Online Catalog: Visit the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL) Research Navi for instructions on how to search for children's books via NDL-ONLINE.



Inventory:  Title lists for the Prange children's books are available on NDL's International Library of Children's Literature webpage, which can be accessed through NDL Digital Collections.  



Print Finding Aid:  "Guide to the Gordon W. Prange Children's Book Collection." The guide is divided into 3 parts (story books, picture books, and comic books) and is organized in gojuon order by book title. 

How to SEARCH and ACCESS Censored Children's Book

Inventory:  Click here for an inventory of censored children's books.  The inventory also includes manuscripts, galley proofs, and fragments of children's books. 

Digital Collections: In the Prange Digital Children's Book Collectionselect Advanced Search under the Search Box in the upper right-hand corner. Check "Yes" under "Censorship action" and click "Search" to limit your search for censored children's books.