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Historical U.S. Newspapers

Print Newspapers at the University of Maryland

Aside from the current newspapers available in McKeldin Library's Periodicals Room, the bulk of original newspapers at the University are held in Hornbake Library.  Hornbake is home to the university's archives and special collections and has a large holding of historical newspapers.  Most of the newspapers were published in Maryland, although some are available from surrounding states.  The "Newspapers of Maryland" website serves as a passageway to Hornbake Library's original newspaper holdings.

Original Newspaper Collection

This collection serves as the main holding of original, historic newspapers at the university.  Here is the description of the collection as rendered in its finding aid:

"The majority of the newspapers date from the 19th and 20th centuries; however, a select few date back to the 18th century. Many of the newspapers were published in Baltimore, but other regional papers do appear in this collection. Some exceptional newspapers include the first issue of the Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser, published in 1773, which was the first newspaper printed in Baltimore, as well as original copies of newspapers announcing important historic events such as President Kennedy's assasination and the announcement of the Second World War in 1941."

The online finding aid for the collection is available at this address: . Included is background information about the newspapers and an inventory of the collection.

Newspaper Clippings

Hornbake Library also maintains a collection of newspaper clippings that cover topics related to Maryland, Baltimore, and local theater news, dating from the late 1890s through the 1920s.  There is an inventory to these clippings available on the "Newspapers of Maryland" website.

Newspapers Elsewhere in the Collection

Newspapers and clippings can also be scatterred throughout other archival collections at the library.  Oftentimes, the papers of notable persons will contain some newspapers or scrapbooks of clippings.  Though difficult to locate through the library catalog, these newspapers may prove useful to your research.

Two examples of collections containing clippings:

Sprio T. Agnew Papers-- The papers of the former Maryland Governor and Vice President of the United States contain various newspaper clippings throughout.  See, for example, Subseries 1.6 and Subseries 2.6.

Theodore R. McKeldin Papers-- Series 5 in this collection is dedicated to scrapbooks of newspaper clippings from 1936 through 1967.

Note on Newspaper Titles

With the passage of time, many newspapers have changed titles several times, or more.  Typically, a separate entry is made in a library catalog for each name under which a newspaper is run.  Thus, if a paper changed its title three times, there would be four separate entries in the catalog.  An example of this complexity in dealing with historic newspapers can be found in the genealogy of historic titles for the Baltimore News American.