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Historical U.S. Newspapers

This resource is intended as an introduction to finding and learning about newspapers via the University of Maryland Libraries..

Newspaper Bibliographies

Bibliographies are essentially lists of works, in this case newspapers.  Many of the bibliographies of historical newspapers are arranged by state and inform the reader not only which newspapers were published where and when but also where copies of those newspapers may be located in a library or archives.  Some of the bibliographies included in this list were published many years ago, and thus have outdated holdings information; nevertheless they can serve as a source of helpful leads for those involved in serious historical research.

Newspaper Indexes

Indexes provide information about the contents of newspapers and are extremely useful for finding specific newspaper issues that cover a given topic or event.  The print indexes included here are the precursors of the modern, searchable database such as those provided by ProQuest's Historical Newspapers series.  The majority of print indexes at the University of Maryland's McKeldin Library are located on the first floor in the Reference Section.  Most of the indexes are no longer actively accessioned and provide coverage of only a small collection of years.  However, the indexes for several major newspapers, such as the Washington Post and New York Times are still available up to the present day. A sample of indices is listed here:

Books About Newspaper Indexes

The titles listed here are not indexes themselves, but rather guides about newspaper indexes.