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AASP 297: Research Methods in African American Studies

This online course tutorial will assist researchers in designing effective research methods for the purpose of locating African American resources.

Citing Tools & Citation Managers

Here are some citation tools and resources to help you properly cite.

** Please note that RefWorks will no longer be supported by UMD after Summer 2016.

There are several reasons why it is important to cite

  • It is important to give the proper credit to the person or group who spent the time researching and writing in order to provide that information.
  • This allows your instructor (and maybe one day the reader of your article?!) to find the source later if they want to read it themself.
  • Citing experts gives credibility to the argument of your paper.
  • Indicates that you did a thorough job researching your topic.
  • It is part of the UMD's Code of Academic Integrity.

For more information, check out UMD Library Citation Guide.