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Research in the Art LIbrary

A guide to arts-related resources and digital image collections for use in research and writing

Browse the Art Library

Use this list of call number ranges to browse the Art Library collections by subject.  Remember to visit both levels of the library: larger-format books (Folios) are on the main level; smaller-format books (Stacks) are upstairs on the mezzanine level.

AM Museums
CC Archaeology
N Visual Arts
61-72 Theory, Philosophy, Aesthetics
5300-7418 History
NA Architecture
NB Sculpture
60-1115 History
1160-1195 Designs and Technique
NC Drawing, Design, Illustration
50-266 History
730-770 Technique
845-915 Graphic Art Materials
950-996 Illustration
997-1003 Commercial Art
1300-1766 Pictorial Humor, Caricature
1800-1850 Posters
ND Painting
49-813 History
1290-1293 Human Figure
1300-1337 Portraits
1340-1367 Landscape Painting
1370-1375 Marine Painting
1380-1383 Animals
1390-1393 Still-life Painting
1400-1403 Flowers
1470-1625 Technique and Materials
1700-2495 Watercolor Painting
2550-2733 Mural Painting
2889-3416 Illumination of Books and Manuscripts
NE Print Media
1-978 Printmaking and Engraving
400-773 History of Printmaking
1000-1325 Wood Engraving
1310-1326 Japanese Prints
1400-1879 Metal Engraving
1940-2232 Etching and Aquatint
2250-2570 Lithography
NK Decorative Arts
600-806 History
1135-1149 Arts and Crafts Movement
1160-1590 Decoration and Ornament, Design
1700-2195 Interior Decoration
2200-2750 Furniture
3700-4695 Ceramics
5100-5440 Glass
6400-8459 Metalwork
8800-9505 Textiles
9600-9955 Woodwork
NX Arts in General
TR Photography
624-835 Applied Photography
TT Handicrafts