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German Expressionism in Special Collections

This guide provides a listing of materials available in the Maryland Room relating to the German Expressionism movement.

Theodor Däubler

Theodor Däubler was born August 17, 1876, in Trieste, Austria-Hungary. He was a poet within the German Expressionist movement.  He served for one year in the Austrian army in 1898, and then traveled through the major cultural centers in Europe, including Paris, Naples, Rome, Dresden, and Berlin.  He was fluent in both German and Italisn.  He continued to travel throughout Europe and North Africa in his life.  Däubler's work was also an influential force in Expressionist painting and sculpture trends.  

His poetry ranged from short verse to epic poems published in several volumes.  He is perhaps best know for his poem "Das Nordlicht", a three volume poem, published in 1910.  His work expressed "his visionary ideas in sweeping, hyperbolic language that sometimes borders on the bizarre or grotesque." ( He also contributed commentaries on art to German Expressionist serials, most notably Die Aktion.   

In 1928, Däubler was elected to join the membership of the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin’s Poetry Section. In the political realm, Däubler was known as a pacifist, and being antiwar in addition to being opposed to Hitler’s Nazi regime in Germany. Däubler died in Sankt Blasien, Germany on June 14, 1934.


From Gedichte aus seinen Werken. Auf Stein geschrieben und mit Lithographien geschmückt von O. Th. W. Stein. / Theodor Däubler.  (Pub.1921) Rare Folio PT2607.A25 A6 1921



Works by Theodor Däubler

  • Archipenko-Album / Einfuhrungen von Theodor Daubler und Iwan Goll ; mit einer Dichtung von Blaise Cendrars.  (Pub.1921) Rare Stacks NB699.A7 D3
  • Aufforderung zur Sonne / Theodor Däubler.  (Pub.1926) Rare Stacks PT2607.A25 A8
  • César Klein / von Theodor Däubler ; mit einer selbstbiographie des Künstlers.  (Pub.1919) Rare Stacks ND588.K53 D3
  • Das Nordlicht / Theodor Däubler.  (Pub.1910) Rare Stacks PT2607.A25 N6 1910
  • Das Nordlicht.  (Pub.1921-1922) Rare Stacks PT2607.A25 N6
  • Das Sternenkind / von Theodor Däubler.  (Pub.1916) Rare Stacks PT2607.A25 S75
  • Der fischzug.  (Pub.1930) Rare Stacks PT2607.A25 F5
  • Der Hahn / übertragungen aus dem Französischen von Theodor Däubler.  (Pub.1917) Rare Stacks PQ1170.5.G5 D3 1917
  • Der neue Standpunkt.  (Pub.1916) Rare Stacks ND195 .D3
  • Der sternhelle Weg / Theodor Däubler.  (Pub.1915) Rare Stacks PT2607.A25 S77
  • Der sternhelle Weg / Theodor Daubler.  (Pub.1919) Rare Stacks PT2607.A25 S77 1919
  • Der unheimliche Graf : Der Werwolf : Die fliegenden Lichter / von Theodor Daubler.  (Pub.1921) Rare Stacks PT2607.A25 A16 1921
  • Die Treppe zum Nordlicht.  (Pub.1920) Rare Stacks PT2607.A25 T7
  • Gedichte aus seinen Werken. Auf Stein geschrieben und mit Lithographien geschmückt von O. Th. W. Stein.  (Pub.1921) Rare Folio PT2607.A25 A6 1921
  • Hymne an Italien / Theodor Däubler.  (Pub.1916) Rare Folio PT2607.A25 H9
  • Hymne an Italien / Theodor Däubler.  (Pub.1919) Rare Stacks PT2607.A25 H9 1919
  • Im Kampf um die moderne Kunst / von Theodor Däubler.  (Pub.1919) Rare Stacks N6490 .D34 1919
  • Lucidarium in arte musicæ, des Ricciotto Canudo aus Gioja del Colle.  (Pub.1917) Rare Stacks ML60 .D14 1917
  • Mit silberner Sichel.  (Pub.1916) Rare Stacks PT2607.A25 M5
  • Sparta; ein Versuch.  (Pub.1923) Rare Stacks DF261.S8 D24
  • Wir wollen nicht verweilen : autobiographische Fragmente / Theodor Däubler.  (Pub.1915) Rare Stacks PT2607.A25 W5