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Pompeii Resources in University of Maryland Libraries

This guide directs you to Pompeii related resources available in Special Collections at the University of Maryland Libraries.

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Some examples of subject headings for this topic are: 

  • Herculaneum (Extinct city)
  • House of the Faun (Pompeii)
  • Inscriptions, Latin -- Italy -- Pompeii (Extinct city)
  • Pompeii (Extinct city)
  • Pompeii (Extinct city) -- Antiquities
  • Pompeii (Extinct city) -- Description and Travel
  • Pompeii (Extinct city) -- Pictorial works
  • Tombs -- Italy -- Pompeii
  • Villa of the Mysteries (Pompeii)

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Books on the City of Pompeii in the Maryland Room


English Language Books

20th Century Publications

  • Pompeii and the region destroyed by Vesuvius in A.D.79 [by] Stanley A. Jashemski. Text and notes by Wilhelmina F. Jashemski. - Jashemski, Stanley A. 
    Call Number: DG70.P7 J28
    This book contains text by Wilhelmina Jashemski and photographs by her husband Stanley Jashemski. Photographs include 30 images of the Pompeii area, including geography, art, architecture, remains of the city, and the modern city of Pompeii. Inscription inside of book states: "To the Maryland Room University of Maryland Library with much appreciation Wilhelmina Jashemski."
  • Letters from Pompeii - Jashemski, Whilhelmina Mary Femster, 1910- 
    Call Number: DG70.P7 J3
    This book's intended audience is set towards a more juvenile crowd, but young and old alike will find this book interesting and informative. Written in an epistolary style, the book is comprised of the letters Wilhelmina and Stanley Jashemski wrote to their nieces and nephews about their travels and their stay in Pompeii. The book is filled with lovely illustrations by M. Sasek, as well as building plans and photographic prints. Inscription in book reads: "To the University of Maryland Library From Wilhelmina F. Jashemski."

    19th Century Publications

    Foreign Language Books

    20th Century Publications

    • Ricerche a Pompei : l’insula 5 della regio VI dalle origini al 79 d.C. 
      Call Number: DG70.P7 R525 1984
      The first volume of this Italian books focuses on the research that has been done on the city of Pompeii, up to 1984. The second volume includes color and black and white photographs of excavated sites, a visual catalog (illustrations and photographs) of artifacts that have been found in Pompeii, and color photographs of broken pieces of art, pottery, and amphora.
    • Pompei alla luce degli scavi nuovi di Via dell’Abbondanza (anni 1910-1923) - Spinazzola, Vittorio 
      Call Number: N5770.S65
      The first and second volume of this Italian book is made up of over 1,000 pages on the subject of Pompeii. There are many photographs and illustrations of the art, architecture, and artifacts of this ancient city. Multiple fold out plans of the city and other buildings are found throughout both volumes. 96 20 inch color and black and white prints are included in the portfolio. The prints include photographs and illustrations of art, architecture, excavation, and artifacts of Pompeii.
    • La villa dei misteri / Amedeo Maiuri. - Maiuri, Amedeo, 1886-1963. 
      Call Number: N5771 .M48 1947
      This Italian book is made up of text that focuses on the Villa of the Mysteries. There are many illustrations found, including black and white photographs of the remains and artifacts, print illustrations of the art and architecture, and plans of the Villa of the Mysteries.  A separate book contains 19 vivid color plates of some of the frescoes found in the Villa of the Mysteries.
    • La Villa dei misteri - Maiuri, Amedeo, 1886-1963 
      Call Number: N5771 .M48 1960
      This book contains 18 large vivid color plates of some of the frescoes found at the Villa of the Mysteries near Pompeii. A paperback book is also included that contains text in Italian on this villa, as well as black and white photographs and illustrations.
    • I mosaici della Casa del fauno a Pompei / di Fausto Zevi. - Zevi, Fausto 
      Call Number: NA3770 .Z49 1998
      This book is in Italian in one column with an English translation in a second column on the same page. Images include black and white photographs of art found in the site of Pompeii and architectural remains, illustrative prints of art and architecture, and a plan of the House of the Faun.

    19th Century Publications