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Dance Research Guide

Your guide to Dance resources in the UMD Libraries!

About Current Periodicals in MSPAL

MSPAL subscribes to several current print dance journals and magazines for you to enjoy!

All current issues are kept in the Current Periodicals room at the very front of the first floor (past the Reference Section).

They are shelved ALPHABETICALLY by journal title. If you're looking for a recent (but not the most recent) issue, try lifting the display shelf! Past issues are usually stacked behind the most recent one.

Eventually, some back issues are bound, given a Call Number and placed in the Stacks upstairs, but more often than not, they are available electronically.



Evaluating Periodicals

UM Libraries' Teaching and Learning Services division has created several Research & Library Skills Guides for teaching library and information literacy.

Ulrich's Periodicals Database

Ulrich's is a uniquie and helpful tool for finding information ABOUT periodicals.

  • Find periodicals about a particular subject
  • Locate publisher information
  • Find out how long a journal ran
  • if it ever changed names
  • which databases index a journal