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Dance Research Guide

Your guide to Dance resources in the UMD Libraries!

Search WorldCat

Use the Library Catalog to search for

  • books
  • journals
  • audio and video recordings
  • archival material
  • and more!

Shhh! Librarian Secrets Revealed!

Secret #1: Truncation - To save yourself double or triple searching, any time you search for the word "Dance," "Dancer,"  "Dancing," etc.

Use "danc*" instead.

Librarians call the * the "truncation tool." Use it to truncate the root of a word from the variant endings, that way you only have to search once!


Secret #2: Use "quotation marks" to tell the catalog to search for terms as a phrase: 

"united states" NOT united states

"african american*" NOT african american*

"Harriet Tubman" NOT Harriet Tubman


Secret #3: Use (parenthases) to search for synonyms/alternative words:

SUBJECT = danc*


SUBJECT = (black* or "african american*")