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Agriculture in Maryland: Resources in Special Collections

This guide will recommend rich primary and secondary sources useful to scholars who wish to explore this history in more detail and navigate the rich resources available to study the history of agriculture in Maryland, from early farming activities, to th

Insects and Entomology (University of Maryland Libraries)

Primary Sources

Bissell, Theodore L., Papers--20th century. Bissell taught entomology at the University of Maryland from 1947 to 1969. He was also an entomologist for the United States Department of Agriculture Bureau of Entomology and the Georgia Experiment Station. The bulk of the collection documents Bissell's interest in the history of the University of Maryland campus and its surrounding community between 1916 and 1979 and his scholarly interests in hickory aphids.

Entomology, Department, Records--19th and 20th century. The department dates back to the founding of Maryland Agricultural College in 1856. The first courses in entomology were taught by Townend Glover, the first entomologist of the United States. Topics included in the department's records are: crop protection, nursery and orchard inspections, quarantines, the European corn borer, Japanese beetles, and mosquito control.

Symons, Thomas B., Papers--20th century. Thomas Baddeley Symons (1880-1970), a 1902 graduate of the Maryland Agricultural College, served the University of Maryland for almost seventy-five years. Symons's many offices included state entomologist, dean of the School of Horticulture, director of the Cooperative Extension Service, and dean of the College of Agriculture. He was active in numerous agricultural organizations, including the Maryland Horticultural Society, Maryland State Soil Conservation Committee, and both the National and Maryland State Grange. Symons was acting president of the University of Maryland for nine months in 1954, then a memeber of its Board of Regents from late 1954 until 1970. Subjects covered in the collection include 4-H activities, the Maryland and National Granges, the Board of Regents of the University of Maryland, the Rotary Club, the Beta Kappa Corporation, and the State Soil Conservation Committee.


Insects and Entomology (National Agricultural Library)

Primary Sources

Peale, Titian Ramsay, Manuscript. 1796. Son of painter Charles Wilson Peale, Titian was an artist and naturalist. He produced this original manuscript "Drawings of American Insects; Showing Them in Their Several States, Together with Such Minute Insects as Require Investigation by the Microscope" which includes colored plates and drawings.

Charles Valentine Riley Collection

Screwworm Eradication Collection