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Agriculture in Maryland: Resources in Special Collections

This guide will recommend rich primary and secondary sources useful to scholars who wish to explore this history in more detail and navigate the rich resources available to study the history of agriculture in Maryland, from early farming activities, to th


Finding Agricultural Statistics in Books and Periodicals

To find historical agricultural statistics you may need to consult books and periodicals by using the University of Maryland Libraries online catalog.  You can enter your search terms in the box below to get started! See below for recommended subject search terms.

Recommended Subject Search Terms

To get a broad range of sources enter Agriculture Maryland Statistics in the keyword search of the catalog box above.  To get more specific statistics try the subject headings listed below or search on your own.   Select "Subject Beginning With..." under the drop-down menu "Choose Type of Search." Then enter one of the bulleted terms below:

  • Agriculture-Maryland-Statistics
  • Agriculture-Maryland Statistics-Periodicals
  • Maryland-Agriculture-Economic Aspects-Statistics
  • Farms-Maryland
  • Crops and Climate-Maryland-Statistics
  • Agricultural Productivity-Maryland
  • Forests and Forestry-Maryland-Statistics
  • Feed Industry-Maryland-Statistics
  • Grain Trade-Maryland-Statistics
  • Livestock-Maryland-Statistics
  • Timber-Maryland-Statistics
  • Trees-Maryland-Statistics
  • Pesticides-Maryland
  • Tobacco-Maryland


Maryland Agricultural Statistics Sources in Print

Agricultural Statistics Online