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Agriculture in Maryland: Resources in Special Collections

This guide will recommend rich primary and secondary sources useful to scholars who wish to explore this history in more detail and navigate the rich resources available to study the history of agriculture in Maryland, from early farming activities, to th

Agricultural Engineering (University of Maryland Libraries)

Primary Sources

Green, Robert Lamar, Papers--20th century. Green was professor and chair of the Department of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Maryland at College Park. He was appointed coordinator of the university's Water Resources Research Center upon its organization in 1965, served as acting director of the Agricultural Experiment Station for several years, and was active in a number of state organizations concerned with the protection of water resources.

Chapter of Phi Mu, University of Maryland, Records--20th century. Initiates to this engineering honor society were required to prepare a research paper on an engineering topic of their choice. Among the papers are a number which focus on various aspects of agriculture, such as the construction of aqueducts, beekeeping and entomology, wool, and the history of land acquisition.

Agricultural Engineering (National Agricultural Library)

Primary Sources

USDA Engineering Division Personnel Photographs. 1912-1940. Photograph album of Engineering Division personnel, group and individual shots. The photographs were taken in March 1924.

USDA Division of Agricultural Engineering Records. 1913-1981. The records consist of photographs, glass negatives, acetate negatives, and publications relating to agricultural engineering. Additionally, there are speeches and papers by A. W. Turner who was assistant chief for the Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering beginning in 1943, and materials collected for a book to be written on the history of farm electrification by M. Conner Ahrens, former assistant chief, Farm Electrification Research Branch of USDA.