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Agriculture in Maryland: Resources in Special Collections

This guide will recommend rich primary and secondary sources useful to scholars who wish to explore this history in more detail and navigate the rich resources available to study the history of agriculture in Maryland, from early farming activities, to th

Agriculture in Maryland (University of Maryland Libraries)

Primary Sources

Agriculture in Maryland (National Agricultural Library)

Primary Sources

Alvord, Henry E., Correspondence. 1887-1890. Alvord (1844-1904) was chairman of the executive committee of the Association of American Agricultural Colleges and Experimental Stations and president of Maryland Agricultural College from 1888-1892. Letters relate to the passage of "An Act to establish Agricultural Experiment Stations" on March 2, 1887 and an amendment in 1890 authorizing appropriations for agricultural experiment stations. The collection contains petitions with suggestions on how to change the act.

Capron, Horace, Memoirs. [ca. 1884]. This two-volume autobiography is a copy of the original. Capron (1804-1885) describes his activities as an operator of mills in New York and Maryland and as a plantation owner and livestock breeder in Maryland and Illinois. In addition, Capron details his service in the Union Army during the Civil War and his tenure as the third commissioner of agriculture, USDA. Finally, he discusses his pioneering work for Japan in the development of the island of Hokkaido.

Cooke, George, Diary. (1826-1841, 1845-1849). The two-volume handwritten record of a Maryland plantation in Hazelwood, near Patuxent, Maryland, includes daily entries for a twenty-year period describing the operation of the family farm. The diary contains information on weather conditions, travel, and Cooke's pedigree.