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High School Visits to McKeldin Library

This guide will help high school teachers and students orient themselves with McKeldin Library before visits.

Preparing for a Visit to McKeldin Library

Research takes time and high school visits to McKeldin Library are often short and limited. To make the most of your time within the academic library be sure to:

  1. Explore the University Libraries web pages 
  2. Take this Library 101 tutorial to better learn how to utilize library resources
  3. Search World Catthe UMD Libraries catalog, and have specific book/article titles ready to find
    • This is also the same as searching in the "Get Started" box on the main library webpage
  4. Visit this JSTOR guide so you're prepared to search while on campus. 
  5. Without UMD login credentials, personal devices will not connect to campus Internet. Coordinate with your librarian to make sure university devices will be provided or guest logins can be created to use on stationary University computers/devices. 

Once you are in the library, feel free to ask your coordinating librarian for help, or contact a subject specialist. Happy researching! 

Finding Resources

Some comprehensive databases to check out: 

To find physical books in the library stacks: 

  • Find the call number of the book
  • Using the floor plan of McKeldin Library, determine what floor the book is located
  • Refer to the "Finding a Book" document (below) for step-by-step assistance
    • If helpful, ask a librarian for a physical copy of this resource